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LMUcard for Students (StudentID)

The LMUcard is the LMU‘s multifunctional chip card. The LMUcard has been introduced during the summer semester of 2019 as the student ID.

Issuing (and Distribution) | Features | Validity | Card Features

Information about the issuing of the LMUcard

The issuing takes place in two steps: 
Online-request – In-person-pickup


  • You can request the LMUcard online on your LMU user account (LMU-Benutzerkonto)
  • You will have the possibility to upload a photo during the ordering process. Please pay attention to the guidlines for the photo! The guidlines will be listed in the online-ordering process and oriantates itself on the specifications of the Bundesdruckerei (Foto-Mustertafel, pdf). 
  • Once the card application has been entered, we will check all data as well as the compliancy to follow the guidelines for the photo. If you want to check the processing status of your card application, please log into the LMU-Portal with your LMU-User ID and select the link „LMUcard“ in your user account. In order to reduce wait times on site we recommend to only pick up your card once the application status is labeled „approved. In principle the LMUcard can be picked up immediately after requesting it.

Personal Pick-up

  • IT-Servicedesk - LMUcard-Kartenstelle
    Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
    Room F007 / F009
    80539 Munich

  • Required documents:
    • ID, passport, electronic residence permit or birth certificate
    • If you would like to use the full functions of the library card, we require a document (German ID card, German electronic residence permit or police address registration) to verify your German residence address.
  • Validation:
    If you have picked up your LMUcard, you should validate it directly at the pick up location. With the validation, there will be additional information printed about the validity, the semester ticket and your faculty.


The LMUcard has the following features for students:

Student ID

  • The LMUcard, with the declaration of validity on the validity strip, identifies you as a student of the LMU.
  • Detailed information about your course of studies, semester year etc. will not be printed on the new LMUcard due to space limitations. You can refer back to your current matriculation certificate if this information is needed as proof. You can download the certificate here: https://www.lmu.de/stud-online

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MVV Semester Ticket

  • The MVV-Logo with the validity indication for the semester ticket will be added during the validation.
  • The LMUcard, combined with an official photo ID for the stated period of validity, serves as an authorization to use all means of transportation (2nd class) from the Verbundverkehr in the entire MVV-Network system from Monday to Friday between 6 pm and 6 am of the following day (including the night lines) as well as all day on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • In addition you can purchase the „IsarCard Semester“ at the sales locations of the MVV. This a ticket which is valid for the period of one semeter and in combination with an official photo ID authorizes the use of all authroized forms of transportation (2nd class) from the Verbundverkehr in the entire MVV-Network system.To the top

Payment features: Cafeteria, Copier, Printer

  • With the LMUcard you are able to pay cashfree at all cafeterias, StuBistroMensas (cafeterias), StuCafes, StuLounges, and at most Espresso-Bars as well as at many drink, snack and ice cream vending machines which are serviced by the Studentenwerk Munich.
  • Copiers, scanners and printers are equipped with a suitable card reader in different partitions of the library.
  • You can recharge your LMUcard at the charging stations of the Studentenwerk.
  • The charging stations are located at all cafeterias and self service cafeteiras oft he Studentenwerk.
  • If you already own a cafeteria card from the Studentenwerk, you can return it at one of the Studentenwerk‘s information points and have your credit balance transferred to the new LMUcard.To the top

Library ID

  • The LMUcard is valid as a library ID for the University Library as well as the Bavarian State Library
  • The 12-digit identification number for the library as well as the pick up number is printed on the backside of the card.
  • You will recieve a new library number with the issuing of the LMUcard. If available, your previous library account will be automatically transferred to the new card. The old library ID will become invalid as soon as your LMUcard is validated.
  • You can find additional information regarding the useage as a library card at the university library. To the top

Data Protection

  • The LMUcard is a multifunctional chip card. All personal data which is saved on the chip card is encrypted and proctected from unauthorized access.
  • Detailed information about data protection and data usage will be listed during the online request of the LMUcard.To the top


  • The LMUcard will recieve a visible validity marking which can be updated through validation at the validation terminals, which are available at many locations in the LMU. A validation can be done, multiple timmes, at any time.
  • Validation after :
    after succsessful you can re-validate your LMUcard immediately. Validity period and semster ticket will be updated and will include the current and the followong semesters (see characteristics).

Current usable validation terminals in public areas

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The LMUcard contains the following characteristics:


  • Name, Surname
  • Registration Number (Immatrikulation Number)
  • Date of birth
  • Photo
  • Validty with semester ticket and faculty name
  • Chip
  • UV-Seal
  • Braille (LMU) inverse


  • Studentenwerk – Card number
  • Library (Barcode, library number, loaning number)
  • Alignemnt strips
  • Signature
  • Chip
  • Emblem (visible + UV)
  • Braille (LMU)




Hotline 089 / 2180-3555


Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
Raum F009
80539 München