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The new login page



On 25 September 2017 the central login page will get a new design. In addition to the visual changes, there are also some technical improvements to the authentication system.

What's new?

  • Modern design supporting mobile devices
  • German and English translation: The language is determined by your browser settings. For all non-german languages the english translation is shown.
  • Single logout: Logging out of one service logs you out of all other central services you visited during your browser session.
  • Extended session timeouts: Inactivity timeout ist set to 8 hours, after 24 hours at the latest you will have to log in again.

Which services use the central login?

Security notes

  • Please keep in mind that phishing mails could try to lure you to a login page that looks almost identical to the original one
  • Keep an eye on the domain name. Most modern browsers highlight the domain name in some way
    • The domain name of the central login is: 
    • It is NOT (e.g.):
  • The connection to the login is encrypted. There are two indicators of a secure connection
    • Most browsers show a lock symbol next to the address bar
    • The domain name is prefixed by https://


Browser address bar of the central login


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